Snapshot Report

June 2024

MRP Planning Permission Approval

The MRP team are delighted that planning permission has been granted for the new University Hospital Monklands. This is a huge step forward for the project and moves us from the concept and planning stage to focusing on the delivery of our new, state-of-the-art hospital. The next step for the project team will be submitting the Full Business Case in 2025. You can see how far we’ve have come in the project’s journey from the list of milestones below!

Initial Agreement approved – Oct 2017
Wester Moffat site confirmed – Jan 2021
Wester Moffat site procured – Mar 2022
Outline Business Case submitted – Dec 2022
Outline Business Case approved – July 2023
Planning application submitted – Aug 2023
Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PCSA) Consultant appointed – Oct 2023
Planning approved – June 2024
New University Hospital Monklands

MRP Equipping Work Group

Helen Tomlinson

Helen Tomlinson
Equipment Manager

What we’ve done

The MRP Equipping work group have reviewed the terms of reference in line with work required for the Full Business Case. We have also added to the Equipping Strategy which will go through our governance routes for feedback and comments. Our focus remains on refining equipment lists as part of the design stage (1:50 scale) and making sure we try to capture all equipment required for the operation of the new hospital.

What we’ve got planned

The MRP equipping work group are in the process of developing equipment specifications and design assumptions. We will be continuing to contact stakeholders for participation in this process. We may also visit departments to take pictures and ask questions about the equipment in use which will be required for the new hospital.

MRP Commissioning and Soft Landings

Lisa Armitage
Commissioning and Migration Manager

What we’ve done

We continue to develop our outline Commissioning and Migration strategies ahead of the Full Business Case submission for the project. The strategy will describe the high level principles of how we will move staff and patients into our new University Hospital Monklands.

Summer School Image Collage

What we’ve got planned

The development of the Commissioning, Migration and Soft Landings strategies will continue over the next few months with input from a range of stakeholders, our lead advisor team and construction partner, Laing O’Rourke. All the MRP workstreams activities are being coordinated into a master programme of tasks that will be further refined as we move through the stages of the project.

MRP Workforce

Julia Kis
MRP Workforce Planning Project Manager

What we’ve done

Monthly meetings continue with the Administrative and Clerical Short Life Working Group. We are discussing what each job role will look like by 2031 in line with our digital hospital planning. We will use the time from now until we move to adapt current roles and tasks to respond to the new model. Digital solutions such as digital dictation are currently being explored, and the group’s input has been crucial in helping us understand the benefits and drawbacks of such technologies, particularly in relation to their impact on workforce.

What we’ve got planned

A Full Business Case workforce planning document is being developed for each job family. These documents will include crucial information such as opportunities and new ways of working for the new University Hospital Monklands in line with the clinical and non-clinical models. Ongoing engagement with profession leads enables us to gain insight into departmental workforce positions and this information will then provide narrative for the Full Business Case.

Other News

You can keep up with the latest project news via our new website and please join us on our new social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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